Become part of the "junge Stadt Köln" project teams

Are you between 15 and 25 years old? Then you can join our existing project teams. Everyone takes on small tasks. Commitment is based on the motto "1 hour of your time".

Bring in your talents: Photography, programming, screw driving, communication, presentation etc. Together we will find out how you can get involved most effectively.


Project KölnCycle

Scrap bicycles are turned into decorative items. It makes the city and your apartment more beautiful. TO THE PROJECT


Project Lego Ramps

Old Lego bricks are used to make small mobile ramps with which wheelchair users can climb a step. TO THE PROJECT


Project Psych Ed

Together we create more awareness for mental illness and strengthen the acceptance in the society. TO THE PROJECT


Contact us at mitmachen@jungestadtkoeln.de